Mark Griffin's Installations

Laughing Dog Installation (1983, Southern Exposure Gallery)

The dynamic of the Lower and Higher Self always arising simultaneously. Always a struggle for Self-Knowledge.

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24,000 Years on the Iron Road (2000, Studio Show)

The expression of the Long Road of Existence and Awakening.

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Hydraulic Despotism (2001, Studio Show)

The conception of the piece rests on the use of an archetypical structure recognized as a known conveyor of information using all modes of conveyance of communication images, words, metaphor and form to express an idea of control through the manipulation of resources.

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The Ladder (2005, Burning Man, 2009 Voodoo Experience, New Orleans)

A larger than life installation featured at Burning Man in 2005. Featured again at the Voodoo Experience in 2009 (Voodoo Experience website)

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Crossing the Great Ocean Installation (2005, LA ArtCore)

The great crossing of the ocean of life exists in the Luminous.

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