Mark Griffin's Large Scale Photography

Black Queen

The idea of merging energy and human form.

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Red Queen

My interest is the study of the Human Form. My art seeks to express the nature of the unseen True Self. Both the individual and Universal Identity.

These pieces express the Ecstatic Equilibrium of form and spirit. They are a form of subtle thought, as they explore the concept of the Mystical Body.

These pieces are created using both infrared and color film, taking advantage of the effects of light and motion with both kinds of film. Exploiting effects in the printing process images are created. Then the images are digitize and brought into PhotoShop where again they are manipulated digitally. Once the final image is realized, it is printed on a UV Inkjet 8500 using archival ink and paper and then coated with a preservative resin.

The images are large, 6' to 8' and greater. Designed to impact directly on the Mind and Body.

These ideas are designed to exploit the photographic medium. In the sense that a photograph is a picture of something real. Yet, the imagery is involved with the invisible, the unseen nature. The Creative, Beautiful and Terrible.

Awakening Energy, Form and Speech.

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