Mark Griffin's Photo Collages

12 Mothers

These pieces are constructed under the terms of mixed media, photo collage. They are created both through the manipulation of the negative in the darkroom, and through a painterly use of the photo chemicals. A further level involves the addition of mixed media - drawn elements and washes of oil paint.

The intension of this series is to express the idea of the feminine, the Mother, the Source.

This expression is produced by generating and manipulating images from a series of female models. And so we find the photo collages composed of images of heads, hands, torsos, legs, arms, and hands holding weapons and other objects. These multiple images of the personal feminine can be assembled to express the Universal, and the Universal Feminine is rich enough to include wrathful aspects, as exemplified by the hands holding weapons.

These images are intended as projected ideas of the Mind. The presence of the grid in the composition speaks of Reason, and the tension between the imagery and grid's elements of restraint and containment expresses the relationship between the inconceivable and the restraining capacity of the Mind.

It is the hope that these pieces can carry the auric expression of the Inexpressible, that they exist as Awakened ideas.

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